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Praying To Effect Changes - November 25th 2023

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Saturday, 25th November, 2023

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


“...The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]” (James 5:16 AMPC).


Our opening verse is quite instructive. It says the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working. Who is a righteous man? That’s you!

2 Corinthians 5:21 tells us that God has made you righteous. In the mind of God, you are as righteous as Jesus is righteous because the righteousness that you have is the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Blessed be God!

In the 17th verse of James chapter 5, Elijah is cited as an example of a righteous man whose prayer was effective: “Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.”

Elijah prayed that way because of the sins of the nation. The nation had regressed and turned to the worship of Baal. So, he prayed for a change and one of the things he wanted was for there to be no rain for three and half years, to get the people’s attention.

When the people repented, the Bible says Elijah prayed again, and the heavens gave rain. We can make remarkable changes through prayer that even heaven will respond.

Elijah’s prayer was deeply heartfelt and continued; he displayed unyielding persistence. That’s how you pray when you’re set to effect changes. You don’t give up, you don’t give in. You persist until there’s a change.


"Dear Father, thank you for the privilege to pray and side with you to enforce your will in the earth and in the lives of men. Through my heartfelt, continued prayer, I make tremendous power available for peace, tranquillity, advancement, abundance, and prosperity for the nations of the world, that they may experience your goodness, in Jesus’ Name. Amen."


Luke 18:1 KJV; Ephesians 6:18 AMPC; Romans 8:26-27 KJV


1 Peter 4 & Ezekiel 33-34


John 14:22-31 & 1 Chronicles 25


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