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Earth and Space

About Us

Doxa Universal is a non-demoninational Christian ministry and organisation founded by Pastor Isaiah Fine (President & CEO). We have a mission and vision to beautify the world of human beings, filling their lives, communities and societies with the glory (doxa) of God.

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The President

Pastor Isaiah Fine (Founder, President and CEO, Doxa Universal) is a Christian minister with a mission to communicate and distribute God's love, wisdom and power to millions of people worldwide.

With an inspiring and profoundly enlightening teaching ministry, he passionately and practicably shares and communicates God's truths, glory and graces to educate, inform, transform and inspire his students and audiences, connecting them to God, His Spirit, His words, and His realms.

The President

Mission & Vision

We carefully make utility and application of Biblical understanding and global research to systematically and methodically evaluate, analyse and address world problems that affect and negatively impact human lives and experiences.

Beautifying The World: Filling the world with the glory of God

As a Christian ministry and organisation, we are firmly founded on Biblical doctrines and foundations. We are actively working to align individuals, families, communities and societies with the plans, desires and provisions of God.

Prioritised in the desires and plans of God is the vision to fill the world with the glory–doxa–of God (Numbers 14:21) and the knowledge of the glory of God (Habbakuk 2:14).


This communicates God's desires and plans to beautify the world of human beings and to fill their lives, societies and environments with beautiful conditions, works, systems, and operations.

Our name, "Doxa Universal", literally means "Glory, beauty, splendour everywhere" in reference to the beauty of God, His presence, His love, His wisdom, His power, and His works.

We play an important role in bringing about those beautiful conditions, works, systems, and operations that are in God's heart and plans for humans and their communities and societies.

Mission & Vision

What We Do

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Educating & Informing

We work to make important and useful information and education available to people around the world, helping to empower them in life.

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Your Life

Access Doxa World, our Global Virtual Community, where we beautify, build, and transform lives from success to success.

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Beautifying The Lives of the Poor

We help families, individuals and communities in need in developing societies to solve their problems and challenges.


Beautifying The World Together

We have multiple partnership programs and initiatives that allow people all over the world to collaborate with us in beautyifng the world.

What We Do
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