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The Hope & Restoration Mission, founded by Isaiah Fine (President & CEO, Doxa Universal), is the charity organisation and arm of Doxa Universal that works to relieve the poor, the homeless, and the needy in the world's societies and communities from their poverty and difficult lives; giving them hope, and building and restoring their lives.

The Hope & Restoration Mission began with Isaiah Fine and his wife personally funding and organising food, medication, shelter, and education distributions and campaigns to individuals, families and communities in difficult health, social and economic situations. Seeing the magnitude and quantity of needs in various communities and environments, Mr and Mrs Fine have started to share their vision, solutions and work with others who would have the heart and mind to unite with them in this cause for the world's poor, desperate and needy.

Our Work

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Killarney Squatter Camp

Bringing hope and restoration to a community in a dire and desperate situation.