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Beautifying Your Life

Welcome to Doxa World, our Global Virtual Community!

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Grow, Heal & Advance!

Doxa World is a place of God's love and solutions. We help people to learn the Word of God, come out of and face life's problems and challenges, and we help members discover and experience a life of constant growth and development.

Study Group
Direct Communication!

Doxa World members have direct communication with the Doxa World team and Pastor Isaiah Fine, where we can build relationships, provide support, contribute to your success, and partner together to beautify the world.

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Exclusive Access!

Members of Doxa World have exclusive access to live Doxa World meetings with Pastor Isaiah Fine (President & CEO, Doxa Universal), where they can be positioned and imparted for continuous success and development.

Planet Made of Plastic
Places & Spaces For You!

Access places and spaces that are designed and created exclusively for Doxa World members. Places & Spaces are places that foster learning, growth, development, productivity in life, discussions and community spirit.

Your Doxa World

Access your Doxa World community, where you can grow, advance, connect, communicate, participate, and more.

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