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Learn to Manage Yourself

Updated: Nov 23, 2019


"He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls." (Proverbs 25:28 NKJV).


The Scripture above speaks of self-management. It tells us that the person who lacks control over his or her self is like a city that's broken down and broken into—a chaotic, undefended and invaded city. This immediately reveals that success isn't as much about the outward things that you have as it is about who you are and what's inside you—the quality of your mind, personality and character.

A man can have the idea, skill and ability to build a city, and then go ahead to build it. If he doesn't manage or know how to manage and protect that city and its success, the city will come to ruin; it'll become chaotic and disordered. A successful city is one that's well-organised, well-maintained and constantly improving.

Your life is in your heart (your spirit). Your relationships, your household, your job, your finances, your academics—whatever things belong to you or that you're involved with are all in your heart. If your heart isn't managed well, chaos and disorder will result in the things that you do, own or are involved with.

It isn't enough to be skilled and able to do something, you also need to add the right habits and characteristics to your personality and develop them. There're also characteristics and habits that you have to remove in order to achieve success and maintain (keep) your success. Self-management is one of the habits that you need to add to your character and personality to achieve success and maintain it. A synonym for self-management is 'self-control', which is being able to control yourself to do what is required to make something work and be a success. It's also the ability to prevent yourself from doing those things that threaten to jeopardise your success in a situation or endeavour. A quick temper and the tendency to act and respond in anger, are some of the characteristics that produce the wrong results in a person's life. If you've been that way, it's time to exercise control over it. It's not wise to boast about such characteristics because to do so is to promote and celebrate something that produces failure and the wrong results. You ought to realise that such characteristics are enemies to your success and progress and completely guard your heart against them!

A key quality of a successful person is that he or she has good self-management habits. This is something you ought to work on if you're going to produce and increase good success in and with the things you're involved with. God tells us to do all things decently and orderly (1 Corinthians 14:40); He wants us to possess and display His excellence in the things we do—this requires good self-management. You can do this for yourself by learning to take time to consciously organise your mind, by meditating on God's Word for wisdom, counsel, direction and instruction, and by examining your performance, attitudes, reactions and speech in your various activities and making necessary adjustments where required.

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