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Be Bold About The Gospel! - November 10th, 2022

(Keep Preaching; Don’t Stop!)

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


TO THE BIBLE: “…Don’t be afraid to keep on preaching. Don’t stop! I am with you, and you won’t be harmed. Many people in this city belong to me.”

(Acts 18:9-10 CEV)



There’re millions of people in different countries around the world who have never heard the Gospel. This is mainly because, in many of these countries, the authorities have used the weapon of terrorism, persecution and intimidation to suppress and prevent the preaching of the Gospel.

Acts 4:12 tells us, “Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” We must therefore continue to preach the Gospel without fear, knowing that there’s no alternative to salvation.

No amount of intimidation in this world should shake and prevent you from preaching the Gospel once your faith is firmly rooted in the Word. Our God is the God of the universe; He owns the whole world and has all power. He’s your defence; therefore, no power or authority in this world can hurt or harm you for preaching the Gospel.

Moses fearlessly confronted Pharaoh with God’s message, yet Pharaoh couldn’t kill him, even though he had the “political might” to have ordered Moses’ execution. Why couldn’t he? Moses was on a mission from the Lord, and his understanding of the importance of that mission made him fearless. The Lord protects you as a soul winner.

Always keep in mind what the Lord said to Paul in our opening verse. The Lord is comforting you today with the same words, urging you to remain unflinching in the propagation of the Gospel. Don’t stop preaching it!

Go Deeper: Isaiah 43:5; Isaiah 54:16-17; Ephesians 1:3

Speak: Dear Father, I thank you for your Spirit who causes me to walk in your perfect will and the consciousness of my responsibility as a minister of reconciliation. I’ll preach and continue to preach the Word fearlessly, and in faith, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.en.

Daily Bible Reading: ONE YEAR Hebrews 9:11-28, Jeremiah 17-18

TWO YEAR John 11:14-23, 1 Chronicles 10

Act: Before going out to preach today, spend some quality time to speak in other tongues and silence every thought of fear or defeat that may rise up in your heart.


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