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Earth and Space

The vision of the Academy of Excellence is to train and produce a class of excellent people, with excellent minds, who live excellent lives, become high-value individuals to their societies, and contribute significantly to the development of other lives and their immediate and wider societies.

Our work in developing societies

We are of the firm conviction that a country can only truly be built by its own people. Thus, through the Academy of Excellence, we work to build excellent people by helping them to be their best and to bring out their best in their societies.

Many youths and adults in developing societies are discouraged by the socioeconomic conditions of their countries and feel hopeless and helpless.

We conduct seminars, conferences and workshops in such societies to impart vision, hope, education, skills, and winning perspectives to them.

Through such works, we empower and equip them to discover and draw from the great potentials and capacities of the human spirit to create better lives, conditions, systems, enterprises, and outcomes for themselves and the world around them.

Essential Courses

In addition to our seminars, conferences and workshops, we freely distribute our essential courses to our attendees and the wider societies of the countries in focus.

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