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Beautifying the World Together...


Beautifying the world is a lighter, faster, more effective and enjoyable work when we do it together.
Virtual Video Editor Volunteer Application
We have volunteering opportunities in our media department for the members of our global community to partner and collaborate with us from wherever they are in the world.
Kindly select one or more of the computer software you have experience using:

Thanks you. We will be in touch with you via email in the coming days.

Make A Donation

Our partners play an important and valued role in our work. Their financial contributions not only support and favour our vision and work, they are also opportunities and ways for our partners to beautify the world together with us. Kindly view the information below to make a donation to one or more of our arms.

Doxa Universal Partnership Image.png

Your General Partnership with Doxa Universal supports us in the execution of our various life and world changing visions and operations. 

DUMA 3.png
Doxa Universal
Media & Arts

​Your partnership with DUMA supports us in the production of high quality programs, videos, and literature, and in their distribution around the world.

Partnership Image.png
The Hope &
Restoration Mission

Your financial partnership with the Hope & Restoration Mission supports us in our delivery of the  much needed solutions to the poor and needy.

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