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The Restraining Force - January 13th, 2023

(Take Your Place Of Authority As A King-Priest)

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


TO THE BIBLE: “Violence shall no more be heard in your land, nor devastation or destruction within your borders, but you shall call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise.”

(Isaiah 60:18 AMPC)



“Hi, Brian. Derek told me you’ve been feeling downcast; what’s wrong?” Nathan, Derek’s friend, wondered. “Yeah, I just wished I could do something about the wickedness and deceptions ravaging our country and other nations as well. It’s so sad,” Brian lamented. “But Brian,” Nathan responded, “as Christians, we’re the restraining force against evil in the world today. We’ve got the authority in the Name of Jesus to frustrate these satanic activities.

So, instead of idly observing the false news out there, take your place, alongside other Christians, as a king-priest and declare God’s will concerning the nations of the world in prayer.” And as Nathan concluded his words, they all joined hands to pray for the nations of the world. The spate of evil, wickedness and deception perpetrated by Satan and his cohorts around the world today is something only the Church of Jesus Christ can cut a swathe through. We’re the restraining force against evil on the earth today.

We have the authority in the Name of Jesus to frustrate these satanic activities. Don’t sit idly by; take your position as a king-priest, taking sides with the Lord in bringing His will to pass on earth. The devil and his cohorts often try to deceive people into thinking they are helpless in the face of the evil and wicked acts perpetrated by demon spirits in the world, but that’s all lies! In the place of prayer, we can establish God’s righteousness in places previously run by devils; we can take sides with the Lord in establishing His will on the earth.

Even now, declare boldly that the wicked spirits responsible for the upheaval and evil in the nations of the world are cut down and that God’s glory reigns in the earth. In these last days, God’s people shall continually declare His righteousness and praise boldly, leading more souls into salvation in Christ Jesus.

Go Deeper: Jeremiah 30:19; Philippians 4:6-7; Colossians 2:6-7

Speak: Dear Father, I take my place as a king-priest and put a stop to the evil plans and manoeuvres of Satan; I declare that the light of the Gospel shines gloriously around the world and many become partakers of God’s grace, love and righteousness, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Daily Bible Reading ONE YEAR Matthew 10:1-23, Genesis 31-33

TWO YEAR Acts 9:1-9, Esther 7-8

Act: Read the Psalmist’s inspiring words in Psalm 149:5-9. Then pray fervidly in the spirit, affirming that all those instigating the agenda of the antichrist in our day, their folly is made manifest, and their wicked works exposed and thwarted.


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