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More Than Skill And Dexterity - September 22nd 2019

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


"...I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship" (Exodus 31:3 KJV)


It takes much more than skill and dexterity to do God's work. You have to be filled with the Spirit! Recall what we read in our opening scripture. The Lord specifically appointed Bezaleel for an assignment, but He has to fill Him with the Spirit first.

Church maintenance, the music or technical department, children's ministry, the first-timer's ministry, the ushering department, pastoral care units, etc., are all aspects of pastoral work. You can't do them through the flesh, but by the Spirit. You must, and always, do what you do in the house of God and in the Kingdom by the power of the Spirit, otherwise, it'll be of no divine significance or impact.

Paul said in 2 Corinthians 3:5-6, "...our sufficiency is of God; Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit; for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life." It's the Spirit that gives life; therefore, your work and service in the house of God must be sanctified by Him.

In Romans 15:15-16, Paul testified of the grace given to him to be a minister of God to the Gentiles. Then, he prayed, "...that the offering up of the Gentiles might be acceptable, being sanctified by the Holy Ghost." There's no ministry without the Holy Spirit. Nothing succeeds without Him.

If you function in any capacity as a leader or worker in the church, the Spirit must sanctify your work! Zechariah 4:6 says, "...Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts." There's a constant infilling of the Spirit that you require, and must experience, as you walk with the Lord. Read Ephesians 5:18-21 to learn how to be filled with the Spirit, always.


"I do all things by the power of God's Spirit. I'm continually filled witht he Spirit, in wisdom, sound judgment, knowledge, glory and dominion! Therefore, I experience unstoppable success and ever increasing glory, in Jesus' Name. Amen."


  • "And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship;" (Exodus 35:31 KJV).

  • "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure." (Philippians 2:13 KJV).

  • "And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness." (Acts 4:31 KJV).


  • Galatians 6:1-18; Isaiah 9-10


  • Luke 24:13-27; 2 Samuel 17-18

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