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Condition Your Spirit For Excellence

Updated: Sep 3, 2019


"For as much as an excellent spirit, and knowledge, and understanding, interpreting of dreams, and showing of hard sentences, and dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel..." (Daniel 5:12 AKJV).


The mental structures of societies are far more important than their physical structures. Take an architect as an example: an architect's mind must first receive excellent training and education before he can design and produce an excellent building. A well-taught, disciplined and trained architect will always produce far more excellent buildings and structures than the one who hasn't been taught nor trained to do so. Immediately, this shows that the outside world is a reflection of human thought, design and ideology (this includes the various social and economic environments and their conditions). This begins to express the importance and benefits of a good education in the building of a beautiful world. When I say 'education' here, I'm referring to education that's beyond what you'd receive from an educational institution (e.g. school, college, university etc.) of any level. There's only so much that a person can learn and receive from an educational institution, although such an education has its many benefits. I'm speaking of personal study, training and development, where you educate yourself about the many things of life and the world, beyond what you learnt or are learning in the classroom, and train and program yourself for excellence. I'm speaking of the acquisition of knowledge and understanding that are essential to the fulfillment of your destiny, that is, your life's purpose.

Personal excellence is fundamental in the accomplishment of positive and meaningful impact in the world, in an industry, field, sector, role etc. So, it's worth the time and effort to cultivate your excellence as an individual with the goal to become a significant player and contributor to the development and beautification of your world, society, workplace, industry, and so on.

One of the synonyms of excellence is greatness. Excellent people have great perceptions; they see beyond the ordinary. They see what others don't see. That's really the difference between the greats and the smalls. Great people have great visions. This doesn't only refer to the things that they want to do or accomplish; beyond that, it refers to an extraordinary amplitude of perception, or vision. It refers to the ability to see so much at the same time. What makes people greater than others has a lot to do with what they see and how they see. The things that you do on the outside are reflections of the happenings in your spirit—what you see, how you see and how you reason in your heart; and such things primarily rely on the amount and quality of the education and training that you've received and have been receiving.

Daniel, in the Bible, was described as a man with an excellent spirit. Daniel's personal excellence not only caused him to make meaningful contributions to the growth and advancement of the government, world and society he was part of, it caused him to be promoted to higher ranks and to be entrusted with greater authority and responsibilities on multiple occasions. Take a look at the opening scripture again, it shows you some of the qualities that make up an excellent person: knowledge; understanding; the ability to interpret dreams; the ability to explain sentences that are difficult to be understood; and, the ability to accurately and clearly provide answers and solutions to questions and problems, such that when you've finished speaking, those who didn't understand or had doubts in their hearts have their understanding made complete and their doubts dissolved. These are areas of personal development that you can begin to work on today.

Make the conscious decision to condition your spirit for excellence through the Word of God, and through the right education and training. Make quality investments into your character, personality and mind; give yourself to a tutor, trainer and mentor in the field or industry that you're planning to go into or that you're currently in; one who will begin to teach, lead, train and guide you through a wealth of useful and valuable knowledge, expertise and experience. More importantly, give yourself to a Pastor and Teacher of the Word of God who will help and guide you in your walk and relationship with God in vital contribution to your spiritual growth and development. It's through the Word of God that one can truly be a success in life (Matthew 7:24-27). As you put these principles into practice in your life, it'll only be a matter of time until you're making significant and positive contributions to the lives of others and to your world.

Share this Divine Update with someone else today and help them to live in the liberty and beauty of God's love, blessings and provisions.


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